Cracks- Cracks are never uniform in size or direction. Epoxy injection welding forces material through the entire crack, top to bottom, front to back.
Voids- Voids under slabs can be caused by settling or shifting substrates, while voids in walls are typically honeycombs from the improper mix or pour of concrete.
Pipe Penetrations- Pipe penetrations are holes placed in your foundation for service pipes or cables to pass through. Such as sewer discharge or water main.
Tie Holes- Tie holes are from the horizontal metal rods that are used to keep the forms from bowing out during the concrete pour.
Cold Joints- When fresh concrete is poured against hardened concrete, the two do not bond, forming a vertical seam, known as a cold joint.
Cove Seam- The Cove Seam is the horizontal line where the foundation wall and floor slab meet.