Penetrating Sealer Conditioners- These sealers are absorbed deep into the capillaries of the concrete. Once cured this provides a barrier that is impervious to moisture and radon gas.
Cement Based Surface Coats- These coatings provide a measure of waterproof protection and enhance the appearance of the concrete.
Latex- Specially formulated latex paints are used to enhance the appearance of concrete.
Superseal- This product should be used before one even considers building out their basement. A layer of superseal around the outside of the foundation and on the floor of the interior will prevent any water damage that would otherwise occur. Check out the Superseal website for more information.
Crawl Spaces- Crawl spaces are a breeding ground for pests, moisture and mold spores. Neutocrete is a super lightweight and waterproof concrete designed especially for the repair of crawlspaces. Visit the Neutocrete website for more information.